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Theatre of Magic

Theatre of Magic was released in March 28 of 1995. It was designed by John Popadiuk (Circus Voltaire, Tales of the Arabian Nights, World Cup Soccer and others). The art work was done by Linda Deal (aka Doane).

A beautiful machine that is lots of fun to play. The toys are great but the feature that stands out to me, is the flow. Combo shots can sail around the playfield at lightning speeds.

The sound package, cabinet art and light show are excellent creating a very desirable game.


Specifications can be found at the
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An instruction card can be found
Ken's Pinball Rebel web site.

The 2 page flyer can be found at
The Ugly Flyer Site

    Game Play

Hit the start button and three choices cycle on the display, shoot the ball when your choice is displayed and then hit the truck to complete the skill shot. None of the tasks in the game are especially difficult but there is a lot to get accomplished to reach the "wizard mode". I should point out that the "wizard mode" is pretty much a disappointment. You get 50 million points for every shot made to spell THEATRE MAGIC, after witch you are rewarded with a soft spoken "I knew you could do it".

The tasks include spelling THEATRE by hitting the left loop. Starting all eight illusions by hitting the trunk. Starting the multiball mode and moving the clock to midnight with the right loop or hitting the captive ball when a skill shot is not available. I find the most difficult task to be getting the clock to midnight, so I always go with "advance clock" if it is available as a skill shot and have become pretty good at hitting the captive ball. The right loop is a difficult shot for me but I try to hit it anytime I get the chance. The other tasks seem to take care of them selves if you keep the ball in play long enough.

Some say that ToM is too easy and if you are a really good pinball player, they may be right but for the rest of us, ToM is plenty challeging and should provide plenty of long term fun. The sound package is great and is really nice with a better woofer on the cabinet. The cabinet is one of the best looking ever made in my opinion, the playfield is pretty and the backglass/translight is nice (its not one of my favorites). All in all, it's a keeper in my book.

Tiger Saw Mod

My Theatre of Magic has a working Tiger Saw installed. This feature was dropped before production. At one point the saw wasn't working as it should and it was very noticable that it was gone. In other words, I think this mod is an excellent addition to the game. The captive ball shot is rather bland without it.

back glass upper playfield mid playfield lower playfield
backbox mirror (top right) tiger saw (upper left) hocus pocus target
poof! target in lanes below mirror magnet magic box
playfield plunger ramp right lane spinner