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  Williams Taxi

Taxi was released by Williams in August of 1988 and designed by Mark Richie, the art wark was done by Python Anghelo. Part of the "Pre-mode Age" of pinball, plenty to do, lots of habitrails but no modes to work through. I purchased this one, (serial #553 163509) in fair condition.

The backbox is a little different. It has a display that serves as the cabbie's meter and the rear view mirror is a real mirror. The cabinet has several scratches and some worn spots, for some reason the paint color of the cabinet is a little different that the color of the backbox. The displays are bright and the sound and music is good. At first I thought that the voices of the charactors hailing the cab would be tiresome, but that has not been the case.

I think that this machine is a lot of fun to play. You have to make certain shots to pick up your riders and a ramp shot to take them to the airport. The right express lane locks a ball and the left ramp starts the 2 ball multi-ball. It has a bell in the cabinet that rings at high points of the game.

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I put a brand new plastic above the Lola drop targets. I made the new sling shot plastics. It took a lot of trial and error but I think they look fantastic!

The high resolution photos are not the best but it's a start. They show a LOT more detail (for those with high bandwidth connections).

Taxi backglass Taxi playfield Taxi upper playfield Taxi lower playfield
Taxi cabinet art Taxi coin door Taxi upper playfield 2 Taxi lower playfield #2
High Resolution Photos-(over 300K)      
Taxi playfield Taxi lower playfield   Taxi lower playfield #2
  Taxi cabinet art Taxi machine
Taxi Credits Card 1

Taxi Credits Card 2


Sling scans are over 500K


(scanned at 600dpi)

  Taxi Sling 1 Taxi Sling 2