New In Box (NIB) Stern Spider-man

Ordered June 2, 2008 arrived June 6 by UL Carrier.

After waiting several hours I see a full size 18 wheel truck backing down my dead end residential street.
Just as smooth as can be, the driver parked against the curb on the far side of the street. I introduced myself
and he offered to transport the box to the garage.

Box on Pallet

Two small holes poked into the bottom of the box. It appeared not to have caused any damage,
so I signed the shipping papers and the driver returned to his truck.

Ready for the ride up the stairs.

I removed the pallet and spent some time getting the box into the house from the garage by myself.
There was just barely enough room at the base of the stairs for the 31"x31" box and refrigerator dolly.
Here it sat several hours until help arrived. A friend from work helped me take the box up the stairs.

At the entrance to the family room above the garage.

The first view of the new pinball machine. Don't grab that plunger!

I pulled it out of the box using the strap.
(I wedged the box in the door way to keep it from sliding)

No real damage found on first inspection.
(Just the black paint rubbed away on an edge here and there.)

Tip it up and install the legs.
(I put some heavy plastic tape on the inside of the legs to protect
the cabinet, we'll see if it works as time goes on.)

Ready for the rear legs.

It's starting to look like a pinball machine.

Remove the strap and lock the backbox in place.

Inspect the backbox for loose wires.

Tilt up the playfield and remove the coin box.

The four balls were stored in the coin box.

Inspect the playfield for any problems.

Remove the manual and goodie bag.

Plug it in and fire it up.

Two bulbs were out, they were loose in there sockets. Everything worked!!