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My Playfield MOD
Black Spiderman figure.

Rules For Spider-man ver. 1.92


Spider-man was released in June of 2007. It was designed by Steve Ritchie (High Speed, Getaway, Terminator 2 & 3, F-14 Tomcat and others). Lyman Sheats did the software and helped with the concept.

This pinball machine looks great and plays great. The toys are fun but the Steve Ritchie flow - stands out. Combo shots can sail around the playfield and up the three ramps at lightning speeds.

The sound package, cabinet art and light show are excellent, creating a very desirable game that is accessible to all levels of players.

I do hope that they release a more complete/balanced software package soon. The game is all there but lessor modes and the two wizard modes don't live up to the sounds, lights, music and animations of the 4 villain modes.

This was my first NIB (new in box) pinball machine. I purchased it from Jack Guarnieri at

Jack and his staff have been great!
Don't buy a NIB pin without checking with Jack. For Pictures of the "Un-Boxing" CLICK HERE.


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    Game Play

See the review at for playfield details and rules.
I will give my opinions below.

First of all, I think this is Stern's best looking pin. They have several right there close but none of them have the cabinet, translight and the playfield all top notch. The one BIG omission is the plastics, they look like comic book printing, very cheap, everything is made of of different sized dots.

Playing Spiderman is a blast! You get two skill shots, the W-E-B lanes above the pop bumpers or a tough shot to the side (Venom) ramp. The pop bumpers are very active and can hold the ball for quite awhile. The right loop lane has a gate that slows the ball down and sets it up for the upper right flipper. The upper flipper can hit the sandman, the left ramp and the side ramp or go low to the Green Goblin.

I installed green lights and green flasher behind the Green Goblin toy. It shakes around a little when you hit one of the stand-up targets but it doesn't stand out much. The light kit brightens it up very nicely. The other villains each have a colored flasher, now the Goblin is on even ground. The inserts showing pumpkin bombs are good looking and bright.

The left outer loop rewards extra balls and both outer loops can lock balls. One of the many great features of Spiderman is the flow of the ball and the combo shots. On some internet video's of Spiderman, I thought that the "wooh whooo" sounds from the movie during combo shots would get old quick. In real life it sounds real cool and urges you to add another shot to the combo.

The side ramp host the villain Venom. He just sits there and does nothing but the sound effects are great. Very tough shot. Missed shots cause a lot of air balls in front of the side and left ramps. I put a piece of mylar there to protect the playfield.

The left and right ramps are nice loops back to the flippers. They are not real difficult to hit but they can be tough at times. In the middle you have the targets that drop into the playfield to allow access to the villain Sandman. Lots of bright flashers, sound effects and video. Pretty cool, easy shot that is not an instant drain like some center shots. The sandman raises and lowers to give access the kick-out behind him.

Between the right ramp and the right loop is Doc Ock with his eight arms. He also moves up and down allowing access to the kick-out behind him. All three of Doc Ock;s modes are multiball. It's a pretty tight shot, not too hard though. He has a magnet in front of him that grabs the ball for different effects, either holding it or slinging it up at Doc Ock

Both kick-outs (Sandman and Doc Ock) are actually VUK's (vertical up kickers). On Spiderman they are a little different, called web slingers, they have a metal band with clear plastic sides forming a loop. From the Sandman, the ball loops up and into the pop bumpers. From Doc Ock the ball shoots up and loops to the right habit rail running to the right flipper. These web slingers let you see the ball on its roller coaster ride to its destination, I think they are pretty cool.

A small loop to the right is the Spider Sense lane. It is probably the hardest shot in the game, you have to hold the right flipper up and bounce the ball in. Balls seem to find there way in there but if you are trying to hit it on purpose, its tough!

Driving rock music plays in the background and most of the sound effects are awesome. There are a lot of sound bites from the movies and the video (straight from the movies) for most of the animation screens is pretty neat. The only problem comes with scenes that are hard to recognize with the limited display. An other problem is the final image may not be of anything when it is used as a back drop for text.

The total package is outstanding. Play is fast and requires every shot. The loops and combo's are fun. The right and left ramps are fun. Venom and Doc Ock shots are cool. The Green Goblin and Sandman kind of take care of themselves. The multiball's are exciting and well balanced with the rest of the game. To score well you have to be able to hit the shot that's lit. It's the sum of everything a pin needs to be to be great. All it needs is the software to be finished.

Shaker Motor
The shaker motor kit arrived about a week after receiving the pinball machine. It took less than 30 minutes to install. (NOTE: If I installed another one, I would have pre-drilled the holes with a 1/16" bit and then drill up from the bottom about an eight of an inch. This would have prevented the bottom of the cabinet from breaking when the bit was almost through.) I fired up the game and it worked perfectly. Hitting Sandman, Green Goblin and Venom gets a rumble and it continues to make its presence known at various stages throughout the game. Do you NEED one? It depends, what do you want from a pinball machine? For me, I'm after feedback, I want to see the shot hit a target, I want to hear that the target was hit, I want to see flashing lights because I hit the target and now, with the shaker motor, I get to FEEL that I hit the target. To me, it just adds to the experience... more feedback.

Sub Woofer
I installed a sub-woofer from Pinball Pro. It was easy to install and sounds good. If I had to do it over again, I would try a volume adjuster on the backbox speakers and see if that would be an in-expensive way to improve sound. With factory speakers you can hear the digital stereo if you listen by the side of the cabinet. With the Pinball Pro Sub, the only sound out of the cabinet speaker is bass, no mid range at all, it sounds good but it may be over-kill. I will say, that with the shaker motor and all that bass, it sure is cool to play!!

Holding the flipper buttons gives you your ball number and high scores. Wouldn't it be great if you could find out where you stand in the completion of your modes? It could list completed modes and the number of shots to complete the current one(s). Now THAT would be some INFORMATION.

back glass upper playfield mid playfield lower playfield
ball lock post backbox (right) backbox (left) spinner
Green Goblin Venom Sandman Doc Ock
playfield W-E-B in lanes right lane left lane
  coin door cabinet