Spider-man MOD
Black Spider-man Figure

I purchased a small plastic Black Spiderman figure on Ebay.
It was described as being 3" tall, it's closer to 2" tall.
It comes in three pieces, the base, the figure and a small clear plastic piece
that helps support the figure.



I read on the Pinball News site that the original design of the playfield included
a Spider-man figure on top of the metal washer at the base of the side ramp. That
position seems to block the view of the ramps, so I put mine at the post that supports
side ramp.

Playfield 1

The figure is actually attached at the screw holding the ramp protector,
behind the Spider-man figure.

Playfield 2

I drilled a small hole through the base, trying not to mess up the mounting holes
for the figure. Then I cut a large counter drill hole from the bottom so that the
assembly would sit OVER the ramp mounting screw. Next, I used part of a paper
clip bent in such a way as to go into the small hole and to stick out the back of the
figure to allow it to be attached to the ramp protector screw. After that, I glued
everything together.
It works great. It's removable and flexible in case a ball hits it.

It seems a little too small at first, but I think that anything larger would block
too much of the playfield. Symbolically, Black Spider-man was a villain (fits with
the other characters), he began as a small part of Spiderman and grew onto what
became Venom