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3 Flippers
Auto launch w/pistol grip
2, 3 and 5 ball multiball
Video mode
5 regular modes
A secret mode
The Battlefield
(2) Ramps & (2) diverters
A cool Magnet ball saver
2 to 7 shot Combos

No "pop" bumpers
( the in and out lanes are used like rollover
lanes above most "pop" bumpers)

No plunger
(An automatic plunger is used, you fire the ball by pulling the trigger on the gun)

Bally The Shadow

The Shadow was released by Bally in November of 1994. I purchased this one, (serial #53332103200 - manufactured February 15, 1995) from the original owner. It was in great shape and included the manual, schematics, slingshot plastics, extra rubber rings, bulbs, fuses and misc. small parts.

The Shadow is highly regarded by most pinball fans. The game has a very deep rule set that may turn off the novice but I believe that it's fun to play at any level. It has four different multiball modes, one of the coolest ball locks ever made, a nice video mode and a ball save feature that all add to the enjoyment of the game.

Unique features include the Battlefield and the diverters. The Battlefield is the raised playfield in the back left corner. Before playing the game, I didn't think that it would amount to much. You try to get the ball to hit the side targets and the drop targets in the back by moving the paddle back and forth with the flipper buttons. The paddle works like a slingshot and fires the ball back into the Battlefield. It takes a while to get used to but it's a lot of fun and adds to the diversity of the game.

The diverters are on the two ramps and control which way the ball will go, to the left return lane or to the right return lane. If you can hit the ramp shot, you can direct the ball to either flipper. The diverters are controlled by blue "flipper" buttons placed near the regular flipper buttons.

If you like combo's, The Shadow awards points for any 2 to 7 shot combo of any combination. There is even a High Score catagory for consecutive upper(Shadow) loops.

If you have seen the movie that the machine is based on, you will see that game is an excellent implamentation of the movie. All of the modes are based on sceens from the movie with quotes and animations. The music and sounds/quotes are great.

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