From: Brian Blonder
Subject: Gofer Speak (Very Long)

Date: 1998/10/31

(This is an edited version of the above document)

Below is a summary of these vocalizations. We've just included
vocalizations of Bud or Buzz and not vocal expressions of others (e.g. a
third voice saying "four") or any other types of sound effects (e.g.
sound of ball going into water, ball smashing car window, car alarm,
squirrel getting hit with ball, etc.).

Note that, like with Rudy, Buzz refers to the player using one of many
nicknames. In this game the nickname choices include at least the
- Hacker
- Clubfoot
- Hotshot
- Spud
- Turkey

So, for example, Buzz might say "Get off my lawn, Spud". Or "Get off my
lawn, hotshot". Many of these statements are said sometimes with a
player reference, sometimes without. If the statements tends to usually
include a player reference it will be noted in the list below by using
the word player in this...(player).

One further note...this game has a feature adjustment setting where the
gophers can be set to be "rude" or "very rude". We've got the game set
on "very rude".

Ball Locks:
Bud "Hey Buzz, I got the ball"
or "I think he's got one left"
or "I stole the ball"
or "Hey Buzz, I've got all the balls"

Buzz "Good Job, Bud"
or "Keep that ball under wraps"
or "Hold onto that ball, Bud"
or "Hang onto that ball, Bud"
or "We've got all the balls"

Ball drains:
Buzz " Hole in one, oops wrong hole"
or "Ah, ha, ha, ha, ah, ha" (echoing laugh)
or "Reaallllyyy nice shot" (very sarcastic)

Ball save:
Bud "This one's on us"

Sandtrap hurry up shot:
Buzz "Go pound some sand, (player)" - to let player know that sandtrap is lit
and "You must have sand in your shorts" - when player makes this shot several times during a game

Bud "Hit the moving light"
or "You're in the rough" - to let player know ball is in the sandtrap ready to be shot and Ka-boom (shot made)
and "Nice shot" - after hitting the lit target

Big Spinners:
Bud "Take the cart path"

Cart Attack:
Buzz "Blast that cart"
and "Time's a wastin'"
and "Hit anything"
and "AAAAAHHHHHH" - when shot made
and "You hit your own cart"
sometimes followed by "Do it again!"

Dance Party:
Bud "Everybody Dance"
and "Nice Music"

Double Skill Shot:
Bud "We need quiet"
Buzz then adds "Miss it!"

Driving Range Shot:
Buzz "Caught the wind on that one"
or "Not even close"
or "Smash that car"
or "Hey, don't hit my tree dwelling cousin"
or "Hook"
or "Slice"

Extra Ball:
Buzz "Extra ball is lit"
and "Extra ball" -when lit shot made
sometimes followed by "You're gonna need it"
and "Oooo, impressive" -start of play of extra ball earned

New Game Started:
Bud "Welcome, Back"
or "He's Back"

Buzz "Golfers" (demeaning tone)
or "The only good golfer is a dead golfer"

Attack Multiball:

Bud "I'm worn out" - at end of multiball
or "I'm discombobulated" - at end of multiball
or "This is the part I like best"

Buzz "Ahh, too many balls"
and "We're you're worst nightmare" - at start
and "AAAGGHHH...JACKPOT!" - jackpot ramp made
and "SUUPPPERRR JACKPOT!" - hole in one during attack multiball after jackpot ramp
and "Hurry up" - when multiball restart is available

Gofer Attack Mode:
Bud "Shoot the captive ball"
and "Bombs away"
and "Hit the captive ball"

Buzz "Get off my lawn, (player)"

Ripoff Multiball:
Bud & Buzz "RIPOFF" - at start and each added ball

Bud "Head for the ramps"

Buzz "Blast that ball"
and "Now you've done it" - captive ball lit to start ripoff

Outlane Lit:
Buzz "You drain, you gain"

Quick Jackpot:
Bud "An easy jackpot"
and "X million_ - when made where X is number

Buzz "This ain't as easy as it looks"

Buzz "Chicken"
and "You can't hit me"
and "Brah, Brah, Brah" (chicken noises)
and "OK, so you can hit us" - when hit several times

Bud "Over here chicken"
and "Or me" - after Bud says "You can't hit me"
and "Yeh, cluck, cluck" - after Buzz makes chicken noises

Short Circuit Mode:
Bud "I can feel the power"

Buzz "That's all those wires down there"
and "Cheater"

Speed Golf Mode:
Buzz "Golf is a contact sport"

Player's Choice:
Bud "Round and round she goes"

Putt Out Lit:
Bud "Headed for the green"

Super Jets:
Bud "Quick get under something metal"
and "This is electrifying"

Attract Mode: (Flipper Button Pushed)
Buzz "Show me the money"
and "Stop it"

Budd "Uh, Oh"
or "Howdy"
or "Hey, watch it"

Gofer's Choice:
Budd "This is the part I like best"

Hole in One Challenge Mode:
Buzz "Hey, (player) don't choke" - followed by:
Bud "I'm choking" - followed by:
Buzz "Not you, Bud" - followed by:
Bud "OH...I'm choking" - followed by:
Buzz "HOLE IN ONE" - If made during this mode

Gophers when Hit:
and "Don't hit me, hit Buzz"

and "Don' hit me, hit Bud"

Warp Hole Award:
Buzz "You're Warped Alright"

During Particularly Bad Game:
Buzz "This must be embarrassing for you"

In addition there are several vocalizations that are made at various
times instead of one specific time or are made at points that we haven't
quite figured out the pattern behind their occurrence. These are listed
as follows: (FalconPain added when the gofer speak occurs)

Buzz "Excellent"

Buzz "Great"

Bud "Drive the Ball" - He says this once sufficient captive ball shots have been hit to light Driving

Bud "Gofer it" (followed by)
Buzz "Was that really necessary?"

Bud "Time to play with your putter" (followed by)
Buzz "I'll twist your putter alright"

Bud "I think you're holding your putter wrong"

Bud "Watch out" - After a drive

Bud "Head for the cellar" (followed by)
Buzz "You're in the wrong game, stupid" - during the restart shot of the second multiball.

Bud "Almost" - During multiball, after a jackpot, if you shoot the cart or driving range without a hole in one.

Bud "FOOOOUUURRRR!" - Making more than one Drive shot in a row usually prompts this.
(Buzz always follows this with his "Shut up, Bud" line.)

Buzz "If balls were made to fly, they would have wings" - Starting a new game.

Bud "Gravity is your friend" - If Kickback or Outlanes are lit.

Bud "Today the golf course, tomorrow the parking lot"

Bud "Almost only counts in tiddlywinks and grenades" - After a multiball ends where Bud has said "Almost"
and no hole in one has been made. Buzz follows up with "Shut up, Bud."

Buzz "You can't drive with your putter"

Buzz "Ah, ha, ha, ha, ha (non echoing laugh)" - Locked the first ball.

Buzz "Enough already"

Buzz "You couldn't even hit Bud's butt"

Buzz "Hey (player), you're on our turf now" - Locked the first ball.

Buzz "Get off our turf, (player)"

Buzz "YEEEHAAAAW" - He says this on shots to the driving range or the cart.

Bud "Your putter is your friend" - Putt out is lit.

Buzz "Hey (player), I hope your wheels come off" - Start of Cart Attack.

Buzz "Bud can shoot better than that"

Bud "Nice shot"

Buzz "Lucky" - Second extra ball often gives this line.

Bud "Ha, Ha"

Buzz "Ha, Ha, Sucker"

Buzz "Head for the left drain..hoo, hoo" - Kickback or Outlanes are lit.

Buzz "Forget about it"

Buzz "You're making me dizzy" - First line of Short Circuit, or after repeated shots to Bud's ramp.

Buzz "Not even by a mile"

Buzz "Oh no!" - Restarted Multiball

Buzz "Shut up, Bud" - follows some of Bud's dumbest comments

Buzz "That was nothing"

Bud "That was great"

Buzz "Big deal"

Buzz "Knock it off"

Bud "That wasn't too bad"

Buzz "That was pretty close"

Buzz "Let's get going" - No shot to Cart Attack for a while

Bud "Look out"

Buzz "Stop it"

Bud "Hey, you don't want to make Buzz angry!" (added by J. Weaver Jr.)