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Meteor was released in September of 1979. It was designed by Steve Kirk, this was his 5th pinball machine. TRIVIA - the missle on the backglass is identified as SK-5. The art work was done by George Obregon.

The machine has 15 drop targets, 3 flippers, 1 pop bumper, 2 bumpers, 1 target, 3 roll-overs and a spinner. Electronic sounds are generated by ball contact with the targets while tones play in the background.

Meteor is considered one of Stern's best efforts. It is a classic one ball game that looks good and is a lot of fun to play, especially if you are a fan of drop targets.


Credits Card
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Meteor /No. 1580/ Stern Electronics, Inc., September 1979, 4 players
Model number: 113
Production run: 8362
Theme: Outer Space - Licensed Theme
Design: Steve Kirk
Art: George Obregon

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playfield lower playfield drop targets 1 upper playfield cabinet art
  ball view of playfield drop targets 2