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  Williams Jokerz!

Jokerz was released by Williams in Decenber of 1988 and designed by Barry Oursler.

This one, (serial #567 191546) is owned by Lyle Adams. I took the photo's after I worked on his machine.

Based on a game of cards, played by a medieval King and Queen betting with "Jokerz". The sounds, music and speech fit the theme very well with the Jokerz laughing and the King telling them "Quiet now, we are playing".

The ball is launched to the plastic upper playfield and drops down above the jet bumpers. Below the jet bumpers is the target that raises the ramp to store a ball. The second ball starts a 2 ball multiball. Sweeping ramps run up each side to the upper playfield. Between the left ramp and jet bumpers is a kick-out that lights a card and kicks the ball to the B-E-T roll-overs. Between the right ramp and jet bumpers is "Draw poker" kick-out. It spins the cards in the Kings hand on the backglass and awards bonus points then kicks the ball to the roll overs. Three sets of drop targets finish out the playfield features.

Making both ramp shots in a given amount of time on the last ball DOUBLES your score. As far as I could tell, it's a three ball game, period, I didn't see any setting for five ball play.

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