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Based on the comic book "2000 A.D." NOT the movie starring Sylvester Stallone. This one was manufactured on 5-12-1994
(serial #53328520151 - released in Sept. '93 this one must have been one of the last ones built)

Judge Dredd was designed by John Trudeau. The Artwork and backglass was done by Kevin O'Connor.

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The Game

Judge Dredd (JD) is often compared to Demolition Man. Although they do have similarities, I've owned both and I believe that Judge Dredd can stand on it's own. It's one of the wide body"Super-Pins" that included Twilight Zone, 4/93, Indiana Jones, 7/93, Judge Dredd, 8/93, Star Trek Next Generation, 11/93, Popeye, 1/94, Demolition Man, 4/94 and RoadShow, 10/94. JD was the only true "Super Game" giving the player the option of a 2 ball multiball every ball and four modes not seen in the regular game. The playfield is only 2-3/4" wider than normal, not quite the "SuperSize" widebody like the Bally Paragon (1979) that was 6-1/2" wider, it really looks and feels very good.

Game play is challenging with many "modes" (Chain Links) to work through. Animation is very good and the one video mode is unique. You are chasing a bad guy and a missile is fired whenever you make a ramp shot. So you have to time the shot to hit the car, pretty neat. The drop targets are central to the game, originally they were left blank (black). I created the stickers that you see in the pictures, they make the targets much easier to see.

The upper right portion of the playfield surprised me with all of the options available. The small upper right flipper can; send the ball around a small loop, up a small ramp to the upper left flipper or send the ball to the up kicker. There is also the Air Raid ramp and the extra ball target (both shot from the upper left flipper). That's packing a lot into a small area.

I'm also real glad that the game is based on the comic book NOT the movie. The art work is great.

Note: The Eagle topper on my machine is not complete. The wings were broken/missing so I trimmed it back to just the eagle's head and body. It looks more like a gargoyle figure which is better than nothing.



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From the Internet Pinball Database
Judge Dredd (JD) / IPD No. 1322 / September, 1993 / 4 Players
Manufacturer: Midway Mfg. Co., a subsidiary of WMS Industries,
Inc. (1988-1999) [Trade Name: Bally]
Model Number: 20020
MPU: Williams WPC (DCS)
Type: Solid State Electronic (SS)
Production: 6,990 units (confirmed)
Theme: Fictional - Licensed Theme
Specialty: Wide-Body Machine
Notable Features: Flippers(4), Automatic Plungers(2), 6 Ball Multiball, Inline Captive Balls(3), 9 modes + "Ultimate Challenge", SuperGame Feature (4 additional modes)
Toys: Spinning planet and rings - "Deadworld", Robotic Arm
Design by: John Trudeau
Art by: Kevin O'Connor
Dots/Animation by: Eugene Geer, Scott Slomiany
Music by: Paul Heitsch, Vince Pontarelli
Sound by: Paul Heitsch
Software by: Jeff Johnson