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By Greg Peck
Missouri Pinball

MoPinball Home Page

    If you bought a pinball machine to fix up as a project or have a machine that does not work, go to This is the best source available on fixing pinball machines.

These articles are intended for the new pinball machine owner.
Its purpose is to help you take good care of your new pinball machine.

The MoPinball web site also has information and pictures of many pinball machines,
links to help find out about any pinball machine and replacements for the price cards.


A few "don'ts" to begin with.(below)
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Where to put your pinball machine



Minor repairs

Game play and Settings

Links to information on the web

How to get into your pinball machine

Shipping a pinball machine

    A few "don'ts" to begin with

Don’'leave your pinball machine on 24 hours a day. See Game play and Settings.

Don't use oil or WD40 on anything. (there are a few exceptions but its better dry than with too much oil) Heat causes air to circulate and dirt particles will move along with it. Oil and heat create a sludge. Very few things in your pinball machine can tolerate sludge.

Don't think you can get by without a manual. Every pinball machine came with a manual when it was new. Yours should have. See Links to information on the web for sources.

Don't think that owning a pinball machine is too much trouble. They will give you much less trouble than a car the same age does. They do require some upkeep but it’s an opportunity to learn something new and exciting while providing you and your family/friends with countless hours of enjoyment.