Just because the game was set up in a particular way by the previous owner, does not mean that you can’t modify it to suit your personal taste. Most games on location are set to three ball and awards credits. As a home game, you can set the game to free play, adjust the number of balls per game to 5 if you would prefer a longer playing time and awards can be set to Extra balls to help you out even more. Spacing on the out lanes may be adjustable, as are most score levels for various awards. If you are new to a game, make it easy to play and fun to learn on. As your skills improve, you can adjust the settings to continue the challenge.

Some of these adjustments are made on the playfield, like the size of the out lanes. Most however, are adjustable through menu’s or dip switches. Older games will have dip switches on the CPU board. Check your manual, the individual switches turn a feature on or off. Never change a dip switch setting with the power on. Turn the machine off, open the backbox, change the dip switch, close it back up and fire the game back up. Your changes will now be in effect.

Newer machine use menu’s and even the older machines may have some adjustable menus. Check your manual to see how to display the menus. Most have some arrangement of buttons inside the coin door that brings up the audit and game menus. Sometimes, the start button or flipper buttons are used to change a number on the display. Follow the directions in your manual and you can have your game set up just the way you like it.

One other thought for home game adjustments would be to turn on (or leave on) the attract modes and sounds. You may wonder why that would be a good idea. I feel that you should turn on your machine whenever you feel like playing it and leave it on as long as someone may be playing pinball soon. In the home, the attract mode and sounds can serve as a reminder that we left the machine on, so that we could turn it off when it is not going to be played. Turning the game off, extends its life. Leaving it on (if it may be played soon) lowers the number of potentially damaging power surges it must endure to power up. Do not leave the machine on 24 hours a day, they may be built to take it, but heat will do more damage when its left on, than the power up sequence will when its turned on occasionally.


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