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General Information

________ General Information _________

The Internet Pinball Database
A database of just about every pinball machine ever made. Manufacturer, date released, features, designers, production numbers, pictures and more.

Pinball Links
Over 1000 links to pinball sites (Games) and related sites (flyers, score cards, technical, history etc.). More opinions and game play information about most pinball machines than any where else on the net.

Mr. Pinball
The largest pinball machine classifieds on the net. The place to check for asking prices and to see if somebody has the game specific part you are looking for. Includes location, so you can find a machine within driving distance. Also has a list of collectors that you can search through to find some local help.

Cows and Easter Eggs
Whats the big deal with cows and pinball machines? Well here's the answer. Easter eggs are hidden features discovered on many of the newer pinball machines, check it out to see if your machine has a secret.

newsgroup -
The newsgroup for pinball machine owners. Got a question? Ask it here and you usually get it answered. Do everybody a favor and search the newsgroup data for your answer first. We've probally heard it before. By the way, the news capability built into your browser may be prefered to Google Groups for casual lurking.

newsgroup Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) & misc.
Mr. Pinball FAQ
Compiled information from the pinball newsgroup. Check the FAQ for information from the group
. Then read the postings from the newsgroup above (it's called lurking) and then if you have something to add or a question that you can't find the answer to, post it to in Belgium
Some good information from pinball fans in Belgium.

  Replacement Parts ___________ Replacement Parts ____________

The Pinball Resource (Steve Young)
email -
or call 845-473-7114
One of the largest inventories of game specific parts anywhere. Use your manual and find the exact part number that you need. Email or call to see if it is still available. No minimum order or fixed shipping cost make Steve the one to go to for general or game specific parts. The web site contains the same information that is available in the Pinball Resource catalog.

Action Pinball
An excellent selection of parts and information. Includes Alan Meyer reproduction plastics and backglasses. They also featurerubber ring kits, game ROM's and programming services.

Marco Specialties
Lots of parts and supplies. The place to go for rubber ring sets for your specific machine. You can order from the internet, but phone orders are more reliable.
You can download their manual and review it off line.

Competitive Products
A very nice web site, listing most (if not all) of their products with pictures.
Call 800-562-7283 and get a copy of their catalog, its GREAT.
A $50 minimum first purchase, $25 after that.
Excellent prices and a wide variety of products.



______________ Manuals _______________

Jeff Wager (manuals)
Coin op Tech Support
Has original and copies (cost less) of pinball machine manuals for just about every machine out there. Other products are listed on the web site.

  How to repair your pinball machine _____________ Repair Guides ______________

There is a lot of other info - so check it out.

Flipper Pinball Fan
Leon's site is full of information for fixing and restoring your pinball machine.
He has developed several test rom's to help with locating specific problems on
circuit boards. A much more technical site than the pinball repair guides.
The information presented will help you diagnose a problem that
typical repair methods don't catch.


Pinball Publications

____________ Pinball Publications ___________

Pinball News
Fast and Free reports and comments from the UK
World wide news from the pinball industry. Check here to stay up to date.
They also have some great informational pages in the LEARN section.


The Complete Pinball Book
Marco Rossignoli
A hard bound book dealing with the history and beauty of pinball machines.
The book is 320 pages. It contains approximately 850 color images (backglasses, playfields and a lot of close-ups) of around 270 different machines. This is a beautiful book with lots of excellent reference material. I highly recommend it to anyone with an interest in pinball.