MoPinball Home Page

  MoPinball Icon
(The instuctions below apply to Microsoft Internet Explorer)

Right click on the icon shown above and select "Save Target as..".
Select the directory that you want to save the MoPinball icon file (mpb.ico) in.
System icons are stored in the Windows/System directory,
you can use any directory, as long as you remember where you put it.

Use your browser to view the MoPinball web site.
Click and drag the little icon right of "Address" at the top of your browser to the desktop.
You now have an icon on your desktop that will take you to the MoPinball site.

Right click on that icon and select properties.
Click on the button "Change icon" on the lower right corner of the Properties box.
Click the "Browse" button and locate the directory in which you stored the MoPinball icon file
Click on the "Apply" button, then the "OK" button.
The MoPinball icon should take the place of the system icon.

Just double click on the icon to "pop up" the MoPinball web site.
Now, instead of opening your browser, selecting "Favorites", and selecting MoPinball,
you can double click on the MoPinball icon and you're there.