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Hook released in May of 1992. It was designed by Tim Seckel, and the art work was done by Paul Faris (check out the Paragon page for more of his work).

This is a very nice looking pinball machine. The art work is very detailed and the playfield appears crowded. At first you notice the name Hook on the back glass and then you see the skull on the playfield. After that you have to take a closer look to identify everything.

The cabinet is red with a detailed scene showing Hook and Peter Pan on the cabinet and a skeleton on the backbox. Hook uses the small 16 x 128 dot matrix display and has stereo sound.

    Specifications from the Pinball Database are at
Pinball Database - Hook
An instruction card can be found at
Ken's Instruction Cards
playfield backglass upper playfield lower playfield
backbox art cabinet art coin door ball view right
loop ramp left side detail top left detail right side detail
      upper right detail
Pictures - (high resolution)      
upper playfield lower playfield backglass  
left side detail ball view right whole machine