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Gladiators was released in November of 1993. It was designed by Jon Norris. The art work was done by Constantino Mitchell and David Moore.

This is a great game that you hear very little about. It has a lot of features that are a lot of fun. The ramp at the top left ends with a motorized habitrail that moves back and forth and drops the ball to the playfield. The apron at the bottom of the playfield has LED's that track features, and LED's over the ramps indicate values.


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  Game Play

Four flippers, two ramps, 3 drop targets, 3 pop bumpers, stand up targets, an up-kicker, a spinner, 3 kick out holes and a roll over button pack this playfield with a lot of action. You have six "modes" to go through before the final chalenge of killing the 3 headed dragon. Hit the 3 drop targets to get a chance to match a number with the number of spinns on the spinner to win a free ball. Hit the stand-up target three times to start multiball mode. Check out the rules for the complete rundown of features.

Your plunger skill shot selects one of three choices. The ball lands in a kickout and is kicked into the three pop bumpers. It then drops to the upper right flipper. You shoot the "M" ramp, "U" and "L" lanes, the "T" ramp and the "I" lane to start multiball. You start modes with the skill shot or the bottom right kick-out hole. The slings are very small and use the Premier kicking target instead of the usual rubber band and kicker, they do the same thing, they're just small. You always have plenty to do and it takes a while to learn all of the different modes and features. You do not have to complete the modes to move on, you just have to start them and do the best you can.

The weakest part of the game is the DMD animation which is hard to watch while you play anyway, The animation is rather chunky and hard to follow sometimes. The sound is good with music, a voice that helps you with the game and the deep voice of the dragon ("You cannot defeat me", "Your flesh is my food", "I will toast you with my flame" and "You are stronger than you think")

All of that and I forgot to mention that Gladiators also has a shaker motor. Make a good shot during one of the modes and you feel the anger of the dragon.

This is a good looking game that is fun to play.

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