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The Getaway

The Getaway:High Speed 2 was released by Williams in February of 1992. It was designed by Steve Richie as an updated version of his earlier design High Speed. The art work was by Art Sprenger and Doug Watson. Sound by Dan Forden.

3 Flippers
Auto launch w/stick shift
3 ball multiball
Video mode
A secret mode
The Supercharger
(2) Ramps & (1) diverters


No plunger
(An automatic plunger is used, you fire the ball by pulling the shift lever up or down)

  Sound is a big part of this game. From the engine rev's when you press the flipper button, to the tires screeching when you send the ball into play, to the driving ZZ Top "La Grange" background music. Voice comes into play when you are told to "Shift Gears" and the police reporting that a suspect has just run a red light. It all adds to the enjoyment of the game.

As the second edition of High Speed (relesed in 1986) you will notice the familiar layout right away. Then, as you take a second look, you can appreciatte how pinball has advanced in the 6 years since the original.

The main ramp to the left center of the playfield leads to the magnetic ball accelerator (Supercharger). A great toy that uses three large magnets hidden under the air intake to send 1 to 3 balls flying around the metal track until the diverter sends them to the left flipper. When it really gets going, the entire machine will shake.

The second ramp is hard to see at the very top of the playfield. It's a sheet metal ramp that is lowered to the playfield allowing the ball into the ball lock. When "lock is on", and a ball is shot around the top loop from the right, the ramp has to be raised out of the way to let the ball roll under it. Balls from the left roll up the ramp into the habitrail in the upper right portion of the playfield and hide under the metal shield midway up the right side.

Like with other Steve Richie games, the ball makes some smooth fast loops around the top of the playfield. The third flipper (upper right), sends the ball on a very fast loop around the pop bumpers or if lock is lit, the second ramp lowers to the playfield and the third flipper can send the ball into the ball lock (upper right rail). Locking the balls from the lower flippers requires a very clean shot to make it up the ramp.

Another legacy of Steve Richie's later games is the specific shot during multiball. Once multiball starts you shoot the accelerator for increased points and after that you shoot the ball into the ball lock for the 25 million points. After that there is a top loop shot for 50 million.

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  The Getaway flyer
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Pictures- Translite Playfield  
Getaway cabinet art Back box art Upper playfield Lower playfield
The display Translite & Back box Upper playfield w/o Supercharger  
Inside the Back box Coin door Upper playfield stripped  
Ball view Left Ball view Right Upper playfield Lit Supercharger
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Supercharger Playfield Translite & Back box Getaway machine  
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