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  Williams Funhouse

It was released in December of 1990 and was designed by Pat Lawlor. Art work by John Youssi.

This is the machine with 'Rudy' - the talking, ball capture head. Perhaps one of the most collectable pinball machines available. Funhouse fans are crazy about it. The first of it's kind to put a talking puppet on the playfield and talk he does. He rambles on through out the game. His eyes also roughly follow the path of the ball,

It's also the only game that I know of that has two plungers. The one on the right brings the ball into play, the one on the left is awarded and shoots the ball up the steps ramp in the upper left corner of the playfield. The ball drops below the playfield in front of the magic mirror and just below the pop bumpers.

Various shots cause the time on the clock to change to midnight, when Funhouse closes and Rudy goes to sleep. Naturally he snores and a ball shot into his mouth gets spit out to start a three ball multiball. Shoot the trap door during multiball for big points.

Unfortunately, the back box on this machine had been painted at some point and is missing the art work on the sides. I've been looking for a replacement back box, if you know of one, please email me.

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Rudy's Dialogue
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