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Flight 2000

Flight 2000 was released in Otober of 1980. It was designed by Harry Williams (the founder of Williams pinball). The art work was done by Gerry Simkus and Doug Watson.

This was another of Stern's wide body pinball machines and the first with speech. It's most unusual feature is the ball lock used to start the three ball multiball. The idea is that you are preparing a three stage rocket by locking two balls and counting down, 5,4,3,2,1. When the third ball is locked, they are lauched onto the playfield.


Specifications can be found at the
Internet Pinball Database

An instruction card can be found
Ken's Pinball Rebel web site.

The 2 page flyer can be found at
The Ugly Flyer Site

    Game Play

Hit the start button and "PREPARE FOR MISSION" in that robot like voice lets you know that this
is a talking machine. There is not a lot of talking but it does follow the theme of the game. Of course background sounds and and sounds from various targets keep you involved in the flow of the game.

The wide body playfield is limited by the miltiball locking mechanism in the upper left corner of the playfield but the ball still moves pretty fast. In the upper right corner are the L-A-S-T in-lanes with two pop bumpers directly below. Targets are placed on each side of the in-lanes and below and right of the pop bumpers is a set of three drop targets. Just below the drop targets there is a lane with a spinner at the bottom and a slingshot to the left. Across the open playfield is another slingshot with a series of five drop targets below the locking mechanism. A spinner sits at the base of the lane feeding the lock area. Between the #3 and #4 drop targets is a short "special" lane with a target at the end. Two lanes feed each flipper with the letters B-F to the left and F-O on the right. The game only has two flippers. Two sligshots are positioned above the flippers in typical fashion. The two normal slings and the upper set creates a lot of side to side ball movement.

Other than spelling BLAST OFF by passing through the lanes, the main objective is to hit the drop targets numbered 1 through 5 in desending order to prepare the locking mechanism. If conditions are met, a shot onto the lock will hold a ball. If not a ball will be released back to the playfield through a series of lanes and kickers. Once two balls are locked and you are ready to "blast off" the third ball sent into the lock will start a 3 ball multiball which is more or less the "wizard mode". It sounds pretty easy but I've found it to be pretty hard to do on a regular basis.

I really enjoy the old Stern games, especially the two spinners. This one looks and plays great.

back glass & playfield upper playfield mid playfield lower playfield
cabinet art top right of playfield upper left playfield