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Eight Ball Deluxe
Limited Edition

Eight Ball Deluxe Limited Edition was released in October of 1982. It was designed by George Christian and the art work was done by Margaret Hudson. A re-release of the very popular Eight Ball Deluxe (1980) in a new cabinet. Its the same game but many do not like the "strange" cabinet. For that reason, it is not concidered to be as collectable as the original "Deluxe".

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Game Play by Steve Chappel

    Eight Ball, what can you say about it other than Classic! Eight Ball Deluxe Limited Edition (EBDLE), is Eight Ball in a smaller cabinet. This pin is one you will always come back to play, it never tires.

Your primary goal is to knock down the 7 balls on the right side, then attack the 8 ball in the upper right lane. Completing this will lock in a minimum bonus for subsequent balls (shown on the bottom of the playfield, 56K or 112K).

Once all 8 balls are completed you need to spell DELUXE from the exposed targets behind the 7 balls. Up behind the 8 ball target is a saucer that allows you to collect your bonus now, without draining. There are 4 lanes labeled A-D that once completed will knock two targets down for you (except the 8 ball).

Big points come in this game by completing the 8 balls twice (112K bonus) and nailing the multiplier drop targets. In multi-player games, each shooters current status of the seven balls on the side are remembered and reset to that status when their turn comes back around. Extra balls are awarded by exceeding a point value or going up the left sidelane 4 times. The speech will guide you along as to what is your next best shot. Wow, not only fun but the pin is helpful!

Pictures by Steve Chappel (79K to 197K) -    
backglass back box upper playfield lower playfield
score display cabinet art mid playfield playfield
      drop targets