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A Capcom Classic, a modern pinball machine designed to play like the classic EM machines with the benefits of modern pinball design. The sounds and play remind you of an EM machine, even the score on the DMD is styled to look like a score reel.

Breakshot was released in May of 1996. 1000 units were produced, so there aren't a whole lot of them around. It was designed by Greg Kmiec and the art wark was done by Stan Fukuoka.

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You play three different pool games, rotation, 8-ball and 9-ball by making certain shots. A device in the middle of the playfield catches and holds 1 to 3 balls before releasing them for a 3 ball multi-ball. There is a post that pops up and stops the balls from dropping into the playfield. The cool thing is that if 1 or two balls are resting against the post and you hit the post with a pinball, the balls act like a combo shot in pool and they can be sunk into the "pockets" at the top of the mechanism. When you do that, it's called a "trick shot".

After the three games of pool are completed, you start cutthroat countdown. You get a million points for each ball hit in sequence, very hard to do. This is a pretty neat little game that is different than any other 90's pinball machine you have played.


  Pictures (CU=close-up)  
  playfield upper playfield CU - upper right CU - upper left
  lower playfield backbox lit CU - middle right CU - middle left
    machine right side CU-mid playfield  

From the
Internet Pinball Database
Breakshot / IPD No. 3784 / May, 1996 / 4 Players

Manufacturer: Capcom Coin-Op, Inc. (1995 - 12/9/1996) [Trade Name: Capcom]
Model Number: 3584
MPU: Capcom A0015405
Type: Solid State Electronic (SS)
Production: 1,000 units (confirmed)
Theme: Pool

Notable Features:
This 1996 game is designed in the older Electromechanical style, with no ramps and a one level playfield, but has a digital display and digital sound like modern games.

3 ball cue in the center of the playfield with a hole at the bottom, and 3 scoops at the top; after each ball is captured, a large metal plug rises and blocks the opening and the locked balls rest against it. The player must then hit the plug to knock the balls into the scoops to start multiball.

Design by: Greg Kmiec
Art by: Stan Fukuoka

Notes: 220lbs uncrated; 22 7/8" wide, 52 1/8" deep, 74 1/4" tall

Marketing Slogans:
"Now This is Pinball!"
"Now That's Pinball!"