The flyer shown below is a VARIATION of the original Black Knight flyer. I found this
one, inside my BK pinball machine. It's not in real good shape but it was still a joy to find.

There where three major changes.
1. Page size is smaller. Pages on this one measure 7.75 x 10.75
2. It has 4 pages rather than 6.
3. The centerfold uses different text
the original says
"introduces Black Knight the 1st Multi-level pinball"
this one says
"made Black Knight the 1st Multi-Level pinball"
the original says
"(and that's just the beginning)!
this one says
"You made it 1st in earnings"
the original says
"NEW" in regard to the features
this one says

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  This flyer reflects the success of the pinball machine and may have been smaller so that it could be inserted into a magazine. Bill Kurtz offered the following information;

"Regarding the BLACK KNIGHT flyer you found, it was issued for the original BLACK KNIGHT game, not for the Limited Edition model. Remember that BLACK KNIGHT went into production right after the 1980 AMOA show (in November of 1980) -- and stayed in production through the summer of 1981, about seven months. There were several different flyers produced to promote the game. And yes, this has also happened with a couple of other Williams pinballs, most notably FIREPOWER (which has three different flyers).

And by the way, ironically enough, there was no flyer ever made for the Limited Edition of BLACK KNIGHT; most of those were "presold," much the same way ADDAMS FAMILY GOLD was made (and there was no flyer for that machine, either!).

Bill Kurtz"

  Here is a larger view of the centerfold.