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Black Knight

It was released in November of 1980 and was designed by Steve Richie. The fantasy artwork by Tony Rumunni is part of what makes Black Knight the classic that it is. Ahead of its time with many features never seen before. It was the first with two levels, magna save and bonus time.

The cabinet is black with red and yellow images of armor, swords and a shield.

The machine plays sounds in the background and has the voice of the black knight to taunt you. It also has a bell in the cabinet, four flippers, a spinner, 2 and 3 ball multiball and three ramps.

This machine is in unbelievable shape. The cabinet is bright and gouge free, and the playfield looks great. I made the drop target stickers myself by scanning an original sticker that I found in the cabinet

  The Playfield

The ball is launched into the upper playfield area and feeds the top right flipper or the middle ramp if you miss it. One pop bumpers stands between two drop targets with a small lane around the right drop target that feeds the ball lock behind the left drop target. To the left of the ball lock is sharp loop at the top of the left ramp. The spinner sits at the base of the left ramp.

On the lower level, from the left flipper going clockwise, we have standard looking in/out lanes and a slingshot. Above the in lane is a green circle with a large Electro-magnet below the playfield. Once target requirements are met, a button above the flipper button on the side of the cabinet can turn on "Magna Save" and prevent a ball from going down the out lane. Above that is the left drop target. Then there is the left ramp entrance and spinner. To the right of the ramp is a loop that is mostly hidden by the upper level. This loop entered in the left sends the ball toward the in/out lanes. Entered on the right side sends the ball toward the right flipper. Next we have the right hand set of drop targets followed by a short lane to a ball pocket the starts multiball if a ball is in the ball lock. When the ball is kicked out it can head straight down the middle (SDTM). After that we have two ramps to the upper level. The first arrives between the upper flippers, the second exits above the right upper flipper. Below that we have the Magna Save, in/out lane and slingshot equivalent of the left side followed by the right flipper.

Game Play

I find the two levels a lot of fun. The main objective is to hit the drop targets and play multiball. As with all of the Steve Richie games the ball flow is very smooth. I enjoy the way both levels are important to scoring and that the ball can be worked back and forth between the levels very easily.

The lower level plays more like a conventional playfield while the upper playfield is rather small, requiring ball control and a little patience to wait for an "extra" bounce to put the ball in front of the flipper.

Anytime the ball hits the in lane rollover (on the lower level), extra points are awarded for a quick ramp shot hitting the spinner on the left or the wire gate on the center ramp. The drop targets are timed (another first) and must all go down within the allotted time or they pop back up.

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